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Posted by Petewp on Mar 18, 2006

Im always amazed when I check out the Charter docks of fishing yachts of Montauk and elsewhere. Bonito to be sure, and surprisingly, a lot of Thresher Shark. I used to think Thresher was some tropical equator inhabitor, but right up here in the northeast apparently.

Again, great fishing. Ive contemplated doing it from a sailrig, but I wonder if the amas and akas would become a bother. No way in heck is the hull of my WR180 [which I deepened inadvertently during construction] anything to fish from unsupported. I can rest with the paddle in relatively calm waters. But fishing???? Wow... for me anyway, outta the question.

It'd be interesting if CLC made a fishing dedicated kayak. While manu are suited for it, something designed expressly for the purpose, like some sitontops would be interesting. With enough beam and bouyancy you could even add a well on board to keep the fish fresh as you paddle back.

Interesting Kayak-Blue Fish story...

In New Haven Harbor, a good 50 miles deep into long island sound from Napa Tree Point RI, Im on a dock shooting pics of seagulls. Well, its august and this time of the year the Blues come well deep into the sound. A large school was now in the busy harbor and churning up the surface fearce with seagulls dive bombing the bits of whatever [bunker?] that these guys were frenzied over. To date this is the most impressive bluefish frenzy Ive ever seen. Taking in the spectacle of it, I noticed now some folks start casting out from shore. Hopeless as the schools a good 700 feet or more out there. The guy who DID make out like a lotto winner was the fisherman in the yellow kayak skirting the schools edge and repeatedly pulling in one blue after another. I was floored. This guy had the whole buffet. I mean it was fishing gone wild and it just kept going on. He threw a lot back and kept catching more still. Ive never seen a higher producing "hook ratio" on bluefish per cast. Finally, and after a good time, the guy paddles to the ramp by the dock where I was shooting gull pics. I had to talk to him...

Apparently, for all that I was floored with this guys abundance of blues making hits on whatever it was he was using [I dont htink it mattered what he was using] he was totally nonchallant about it. Apparently, this school had been in the harbor for a few days and he fishes the frenzy when he happens to see it and tosses a lot back. "It was getting boring!!!" he said half seriously. All because he just had an eye out and a cheap tupperware kayak, he had a bluefishing experience that any fisherman woiuld give his eye teeth for. After that brief chat and the spectacle I had seen, I contrasted that against the half dozen docks on that harbor I had visitied in the last hour and a half. The same old, empty buckets, half dried bait and basic blase' exclamations about the fishing that day with whomever I knocked elbows. You couldnt believe they were all fishing the same harbor only a mile or two across. One guy had the fishing equivelent of powerball and everyone else seemed like they pulled the plug out of the drain in the tub.

LOL, it pays to paddle if you fish.


Pete PS: I felt chatty tonight, hope I didnt write too too long!!

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