Happiness Is...

Posted by Petewp on Mar 18, 2006

...having a brand new untouched shipment of epoxy along with glass cloth arrive and a MKII sail rig about to be finished. Springs almost here, the woods all downstairs, decks ready to go on too. r Just gotta buy a sh-tload of clamps and get going on the akas too. Leeboards done. My own rudder design is nearly done.

I use my back all week at work,Im RRREEAALLLYYYY looking forward to even just 5 knots of wind, sitting back and letting a good reach take hold. The shoreline will drop away, the waves will be rolling in gentle swells and all stress and thoughts will be left behind in the wake. The first decent tidal sandspit I find will be mine. Ill unfold the chair , set up the penn reel and sitback. Nothing has to bite. Just enjoy the moments and relative seclusion.



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