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Posted by mick allen on Mar 17, 2006


for simplicity i/d just cut the top inch off the box and the top 2inches off the skeg arm, run the lines out the top front of the box just under the deck in say a tube. then it essentially is just like any other skeg and more importantly is variable so that maneuverability is not further reduced like w/ a fixed.

rails and bkhd

presumably the rails are sort of in an ok position for your feet, so maybe just leave them there. make b/h template first(notches around rails) before doing any cutting and then cut out b/h w/ a dozuko or flush cut saw on the flats of the panels. maybe clean up w/ a chisel upside down for edge control.

and if you really want to remove the hd ware, maybe just cut the studs off w/ some new hacksaw blades (hopefully this ss is soft enough - small job so likely fine) held in a makeshift handle to reach

and then get some more. if you really want to try, then carefully chisel on top of the metal flange only, and if can reach, try heating the totally exposed flange far side while pulling the extreme end of the post for leverage. maybe some cool cloths on the outside to keep the ext epoxy temp down. just thoughts. i/ve just spent a few hrs carefully chipping away a similar footpeg situation and it is awkward, but it is possible. unfortunately for me, it helps if one is not too, ahem, bulky.

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