Re: Slot Rudders

Posted by Alex on Mar 16, 2006

> so Alex, what is yr reaction?

Didn't get to paddle it much, just a bit of surfing.

> -wide slot?

Standard width slot.

> -lines/tillers/stuff exposed?

Standard "gas pedal" steering. Can't remember how it was otherwise rigged.

> -effective trailing edge size, effective rudder?

About 3/4 of the original skeg was rudder. Only a little more effective for turning than the skeg alone but the owner seemed quite happy with it - as I said, not enough paddling long distance for a really good analysis.

> -just a trailing edge attached to their typical skeg so fairly small?


> -trailing edge relatively perpendicular to path of travel?

A bit of "slope-back". The top edge of the rudder blade part was curved so that as the skeg was knocked back by an obstacle it would feed the blade back into the skeg-slot.


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