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Posted by FrankP on Mar 16, 2006

CLC and LeeG answered your questions pretty well with regard to tracking. As for size, I'm 6'1 165 and the boat fits me pretty well. Biggest problem I have is my big feet (size 12+) and I'm still getting my seat setup properly for comfort.

I think at your size you should be pretty comfortable, though the boat is mildly tippy feeling. It's actually quite stable (I can lean with my cockpit coaming actually in the water and still not capsize---without a brace of any kind) but it takes some getting used to. I have a bit of wiggle room in the cockpit but not much...with your shorter size and larger build it should be pretty comparable. I will say, I cut the thigh braces out of the cockpit though as they seriously impeded getting in and out for my long legs. Also, I removed the deckbeam because it hit me right in the kneecaps. You will likely not have the same issues though. You should have plenty of leg room and it's an easy boat for laying back in. (I can't speak of how easily it rolls because I haven't done it yet)

Hope some of that helps with your decision.


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