Re: Skeg needed for Ches.

Posted by Dave Houser on Mar 15, 2006

I find weathercocking to be more of an issue with me than tracking. When I build a kayak I always test paddle it in a brisk crosswind. before installing the coaming through an undersized deck hole. I move the seat back until I eliminate weathercocking and then install the coaming to match the seat location.

Adding the right sized skeg to a finished kayak will also eliminated weather cocking but, as mentioned, it also adds tracking (makes it harder to turn).

Then there is the deployable skeg which will allow a kayak to weatercock when up to make it track well into the wind, and allow a kayak to leecock when down to make it track well down wind, and when dialed in partially deployed allow a kayak to neutral in a crosswind.

I like a wind neutral kayak with no moving parts. I enjoy developing the paddling skills to stay on course.

In Response to: Skeg needed for Ches. 18? by Ted on Mar 14, 2006