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Posted by mick allen on Mar 14, 2006

maybe a little easier to read:

(cut) so who�s got one? (cut):

I haven�t seen any in the flesh but here�s a synopsis:

The mirage previously shown w/ no rocker, big keel and no retract, exposed cables:

exteme interface with no rocker, big keel, �retracts� but into a large depression in the bottom of the hull � conveniently never shown, exposed deploy and retract cables on bottom, yoke and some line exposed on top:

lettman � hard to really see in the pdf but something is going on. Deploy lines hidden, I think - but don�t understand quite what�s going on. Doesn�t appear to be any realignment mechanism, so must be some kind of indicator if in alignment so then can retract � surmise here. anyone got better pics or info?

zolzer has a funny flex scoop one with exposed lines down each side.

but I think �slot rudders� should meet the following criteria:

- completely internal rudder assembly with only a slot in the bottom of the hull

- no extra required hull or keel protruberances so hull can be as rockered or shaped as desired for other reasons.

- absolutely no exposed lines or cables or attachment points either below or on top of the yak to catch or cut.

- not necessary, but say can deploy to 45deg ea side

- slim slot flush to bottom of hull, only as wide as the rudder (clearance added only if desired for anticipated sand/gravel jamming conditions � I would choose minimal clearance and possibly mount rudder 2� off keelside- be interesting to test)

- an automatic self aligning mechanism for the rudder blade to automatically and instantly insert into the slim hull slot. Will align and insert if hit by moderate sea obstructions or by the user quickly ramming the rudder up with no thought to how the rudder is deployed when initiating . like this is a complex mechanism and I would accept that big impacts or side impacts will cause damage just the same as if a skeg.

- an internal mechanism and complexity not much bulkier than a typical skegbox with a steering yoke added for steering.

- design adaptations to minimize weed contamination of the rudder axis in the fully articulated mode.

- Options of typical fully articulated rudders or the more stronger skeg rudders (where the trailing edge of the skeg can articulate � like the rudder of an airplane). Both operate and retract similarly.

- Apply to any hull like a skegbox by cutting slot and gluing in the rudderbox.

- Foot deploy, retract and steering - self adjust or allow typical skeg deploy knob with any type of rudder pedals

And I haven�t seen one slot rudder like that. And of course one would be hard to see as nothing would show.


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