Re: Cool rudder? :-)

Posted by mick allen on Mar 13, 2006

hi alex, though from the other down under, i kinda thought you may have been associated with them - they seem to be using your pedal system sketch (though i don't know if it's an adjuster). they just forgot to use yr rudder system - or one like it.

the other point with those types of rudders is that there is a big conflict betw rudder size and rocker - you have to have a boat w/ minimal to no rocker in the rear. and then the rudder has to fight to overcome the directionality - witness the boat in the background that has to have an even deeper protuberance. i think some rudders even have 2 winglet blades!

like those razors that have more and more edges(up to 5 now - ya just gotta have 'em), next yrs model with have negative rocker and deeper blades or double winglets, and then the next year . . . .

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