I can't believe it!!

Posted by J.Schott on Mar 12, 2006

Went out this morning on the lake, and boy it was nice to get a paddle in my paws agian. Unlike two weeks ago, the air temp is in the high 70's, the water is 46. I went out early knowing the the wind was going to pick up to 15-20 by afternoon, and by the end of my paddle it was blowing a sustained 15 except at the bend in the middle of the lake where it was being funneled to 20-25. Now I know what those kids were up agianst. To my shock and disbelief, I saw 3 kayakers, all three in t-shirts and one wasn't wearing a life jacket! They would have to have been in a cave to not hear about what happend on the very same lake 2 weeks ago.-Joey

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