Re: Question & insight

Posted by Tim on Mar 10, 2006

Thanks all for the commentary. I am not as concerned with the weight factor yet as I am the integrity of the boat up to the point of glassing the hull. Because of the fact that I took the time to round over all the edges of the hull panels, it left virtuall no voids or "V" on the exterior of the hull. I got pretty much wood to wood contact on the exterior. Looks almost seamless! I think I will just go ahead on and fillet as instructed and "fill" or glue up / tab, the panels from the inside rather than the outside as instructed. It is obvious that something is need, cause when I go to pull the wires my panels would shift in the areas between the bulkheads. Thanks again.

Also, any more comments/thoughts on adding a retractable skeg to the WR18? Once I close her up it will be difficult if not extremly challenging. It's now or never!

Thanks again!

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