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Posted by George K on Mar 10, 2006


I built a WR 18 but didn't knock off inside corners before wiring. The joints were still pretty tight and when I tabbed them I couldn't believe the small amount of epoxy in the joints would hold, but it did. There are no inside fillets on the WR 18 except for the bulkheads. If I was you I would tab the outside, pull the wires the next day and finish tabbing the outside. (And if I'm wrong CLC will correct me, hopefully....) This will keep the weight down compared to inside fillets. As far as round over, I do a very small radius on each joint and have never had a problem with cloth on any boat.

And you don't need a skeg on the boat. It's one of the best paddling boats I've ever been in; tracks well, surfs well, fast. I've paddled from glassy conditions to 2-3 foot swells and 30 mph wind. No problems just lots of fun.

Happy building.


my WR 18

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