ingenuity marches on

Posted by Paul S on Mar 7, 2006

In my search of previous posts it looks like it has been around 2 years since this topic has been discussed and with human ingenuity steadily marching on, I figure some of you may have concocted some more successful schemes to solve this.

I am closing in on completion of my first kayak, a Ches. Double; just fiberglassed the deck this weekend. What a sweet point to be at! Although I live close to freshwater, I�ll be driving about 350 miles - one way - to reach the ocean as often as possible this summer. The double is pretty long and I�ll be putting it atop a Soob Forester, which has cross bars that are 4 feet apart.

I am looking at the Malone system sold by CLC ( ) and am not sure whether to invest in the rig that carries the kayak on its side, The AutoLoader Xv, or the version they have which carries it flat on its keel, the upright SeaWing Kayak Carrier. Thule and Yakima have similar systems; do any of you prefer one of the three companies?

On the other hand, it sounds like folks have brewed racks of their own fashion for the double, however all the links for pictures of such contrivances are 2 years old and quite dead.

Have any of you come up with alternate methods of moving your double that you feel like sharing?


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