Re: Sad news

Posted by Chuck Rhodes on Mar 7, 2006


I was out kayaking this Sunday with my C-17 at Back Bay south of VA Beach, VA. Water temp was still in the high 40's and cold NW wind was blowing 10-20 knots. I had on my Kokatat Dry suit etc. so was fully prepared for cold water conditions if I went over. Much to my amazement however, a family shows up with a canoe. The dad and two sons get in, not wearing any cold water gear, only light weight jackets, one kid had just a tee shirt on, and no life vests or preservers that I could see. Luckily the cold wind must have driven them off the water after about 15 minutes because they went out and came right back in. Also luckily the tide was very low so most places they could have waded if they fell over but there are some deeper holes out there. Needless to say, I came home and heard about the deaths of the two boys here out canoeing the same afternoon. Terrible and such a preventable disaster!


Chesapeake, VA

In Response to: Sad news by J.Schott on Mar 6, 2006