shopcam &cockpit size?

Posted by James Eager on Mar 6, 2006

Really nice to see the photos of the the hybrid deck being constructed. I am about to start laying the stips myself and am really enjoying the way this boat goes together. A few things I thought I should mention/check on...

1. The Kayak Comparison table list the shearwater 16 as having a 25" x 15 1/2 " cockpit. Seems like it must be a type-o. The Shearwater 14 cockpit is bigger than that according to the chart and when I measure my parts (S 16) well it looks more like 29" or therebouts' I right?

2. Not a big deal but I think two of the temp. deck forms in my kit must have been mislabled. # 2 and #16 fit perfectly at opposite ends of the boat but not in their labeled positions (had to swap their locations that is). Did anyone else have this issue? Did not seem like the form that was labeled #2 was going to come anywhere near fitting in position 2...yet all the others were fine save #16 that is.

3. The cockpit form thingy is shown terminating in the aft bulkhead in the diagram yet it comes notched to fit over the buklkhead and its deck form...sort of really i dont see anyway that it would unless this ok?

I also used a rasp on two of the forms in the cockpit two facilitate a a nice fit I figure thats no problem as long as everything lines up and I get a fair curve right?