Close to Varnishing?

Posted by Rich on Mar 3, 2006

Hi all...

I'm building a North Bay (and have been for some time now!) and I'm wondering how close I am to varnishing. I've been covering the boat in epoxy (3 layers, 4 in some areas) and sanding down sometime between coats as I've had to leave it for quite a while.

Anyway, my question is, at what point do you know you're ready to varnish? When I've sanded back this time there's very few areas that have come close to the cloth. One or two small patches but nothing larger than about 2cms in diameter. I'm getting quite excited about going into the varnishing stage (and even more excited about the prospect of paddling the beast) so how much longer are my epoxy days!?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!


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