Re: San O 14

Posted by John Short on Mar 2, 2006

I have been eye-balling these things as I see them as a step away from being the perfect fitness sit-on top. Add straps for feet and mayebe a different additional type foam backing for a butt brace and off you go. I really find it hard to believe that these guys were paddling with just hands as fast as an 18 foot 22 inch kayak supposedly paddling 110 percent to "catch-up" then 95 percent to stay even for 1 mile. If these are even as half as fast as that, then I am going to "seriously" look at a San O 14 for just as mentioned above and for swim training as I am a triathlete as well. Very interesting indeed, anyone have one of these things in the Northwest Florida region?

In Response to: San O 14 by George K on Mar 2, 2006