Sectional Hull

Posted by Petewp on Feb 27, 2006

Im going to be building a hull thats sailrig exclusive with a round bottom thatll probably be so tippy that amas will be a necessity. Itll also have super high volume bow and stern [no need for lean backs]. All that said, and keeping in mind this is not a kayak[!!!] I was hoping John at CLC and some of you guys might chime in here....

Im making it a three sectional kayak for ease of storage - this is paramount. With reinforced double bulkhead and associated nuts and bolts - how much weight does this add over a single hull of the same design?

Too, volume is needed here to ride over waves. The common rules of kayak design arent needed. Im guesstimating a bow thats 20" top to bottom all the way to the front coaming should help prevent wave piercing. John - is this more than needed? A high stern around 14" was what I was conmsidering too as I figure storagfe would really be in the stern anyway to keep the bow light.

Lastly, and again this isnt for kayaking , I just want a super fast cruising hull with weekend storage. Can I make the hull a one piece out of okoume except for the seperate deck? I dont need edging capapbility and leaned turns. I just want the bottom round, round and round. Oh...beam, Im considering something inthe neighborhood of 22" - but not a penny more.

What do you think of my cruiser? Im just looking for a hull thats optimized for sailing and wave busting without the spearing more associated with ALL kayak hulls.

John am I over thinking this? By the way, if this ends up weighing 90 lbs Ill just get the 55 sq. ft sail :)


PS: MKII is coming along well for the WR180.