Re: Sea Dog Footbraces

Posted by Robert N Prudenr on Feb 27, 2006

Through the hull is how they mount. They are very nice heavy weight plastic foot braces. I strongly suggest two modifications to them: (1) shave the foot contact surfaces so that they are flat instead of rounded...the rounded surface causes your feet to slip off on occasion and that can cause a roll to occur. I have them on the VJ; and (2) Try to figure out a way so that your pant leg or anything else connected to your leg/foot does not cause the foot pegs to become loosened. That red flaggy hand held adjustment thingy can catch and cause the foot peg to let go. Otherwise I love them because they are strongly made and easy to adjust on the fly.

Mac, this is my last post for a while, probably a long while. Take care, man and paddle safe. Be back when I can.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Sea Dog Footbraces by Mac on Feb 26, 2006