Re: Safety Wire Twister P

Posted by FrankP on Feb 23, 2006

I'd have to say they're most likely unnecessary. I guess it all depends on how many stitches you have to make. One of the lap stitch boats, this might come in handy, or if you're doing multiple boats, but I think I made maybe two or three twists in each stitch on my boat. Of course I only put about 10-12 stitches in my boat too, so it didn't seem like much work to me.

If you plan on using a lot of stitches, I'd guess these will be handy but be careful about the torque they place on the wires. I've used these for other things in the past and they are definitely convenient, when necessary.


In Response to: Safety Wire Twister Plier by Erik L on Feb 22, 2006