Re: foot braces

Posted by Laszlo on Feb 23, 2006

The stainless steel studs from CLC are very secure. Properly applied, they not only adhere well to the hull, but they also spread the stress from the foot braces over a much larger area of the hull. Instead of having all the stress focused in a 1/4 inch hole, the studs spread it out over something like 2 square inches. Also, since they're attached to the top layer of the wood, the underlying plies are unbroken, which provides more strength for resisting the forces. The broken wood fibers caused by drilling are stress concentrators, even if filled and drilled. Finally, the glass patches that the studs poke up through not only help anchor them, they also provide a large amount of resistance to the applied forces (especially if the weave is at a 45 degree angle to the direction of the leg thrust).

So whatever other concerns there may be, the attachment strength is not one of them as long as the job is done right.


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