Re: Foam Boat Design

Posted by Jesse on Feb 6, 2006

I thank you all for your assistance with this design idea. I'm a little dissapointed to find that the foam boat would not be much less weight, and quite less structurally sound than the wooden one. Since I must portage the craft about 1/2 mile I'm looking for a design that would weigh in at around 40 lbs. The Hybrid, as suggested above seems to fill this requirement and I will re-consider its design attributes relative to my needs. Ideally I would be able to store myself, a sack of decoys, and my 75 lb black lab aboard. I'de like to be able to lay down in it and use a scull oar as well as conventional oars. A low profile is a must, but some sea worthiness is also required. All this may be totally unrealistic. I hope not. I have until next September to bring the closest thing to it to ready. Any more suggestons, ideas? Thanks, Jesse

In Response to: Foam Boat Construction? by Jesse on Feb 4, 2006