Re: Sleepless in the work

Posted by Rod H on Feb 6, 2006

Well I tried to go out Saturday for a while. I only got a couple of miles bfeore I could feel my back and legs begin to complain. I had put another inch of foam on top of my regular seat but pulled it out after a while.

It sems as though my back right about my belt line curves forward at an angle that becomes agonizing all to soon. I always seem to be scootoing back in the cockpit, and laying my legs down seem to make matters worse.

I have paddled three rental boats up to and over the length of time in this one with no trouble at all. It seems as though they had a formed plastic seat with a backrest of the same plastic. Are there seats that can be installed in a CH17 without a lot of makeover?

I took a look at the Redfish seat, but can't really tell that much about it. Well thats all for now. Further bulletins as SITuations and responses warrent

Thanhs Rod H

In Response to: Re: Sleepless in the work by Robert N Pruden on Feb 1, 2006