Re: S&G Wire Cutter

Posted by Jamie on Feb 6, 2006

Just to testify from personal experience as an aircraft mechanic, safety wire pliers work. They work great. Chances are, your neighbor may be so attached to his pair he won't be willing to give them up. :)

They are available at sears, but not for cheap. You could go the harbor freight route, especially if you're only cutting copper wire. Since you won't be putting them under the heavy strain of daily aircraft use, there's no need to go to the expense of snap-on or the like.

All that being said, however, they might be a bit of overkill. They save a bit of effort on the twisting, but they don't necessarily cut any better than a good pair of standard dikes.

In Response to: Re: S&G Wire Cutter by Mac on Feb 1, 2006