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Posted by Lance on Feb 6, 2006

The duck hunters refuge boats page has a few posts documenting the construction of these foamers. I built one last year and it was not lighter than a lightweight plywood one would be.

The link will take you to a refuge post on the subject. The first post has a link to a MO site where this foam cored thing started.

Even though my foamer was fun to build it is not what I really want. It looked good on paper, and works well in the marsh, but is too heavy.

If you want to build a really light weight marsh boat then go to [url=]duckboat specs[/url]

Look at the second boat down - Hybrid - and down load the plans. Using lighter plywood and CLC style shear clamps and deck supports will get you to a boat that is lighter than any foamer can be.

refuge foamer postings

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