Re: Stains and dyes

Posted by Dave Houser on Feb 3, 2006

Oil based stains and dyes will interfere with epoxy bonding to the wood so you need to use water soluble dyes. Aniline dye is consider to be the most color fast warter soluble dye used by wood workers but some boat buyilders have used household Rit dye.

The problem is epoxy sealed wood does not dye well so the wood must be dyed prior to any epoxy work. Cut fibers dye darker so it is best to dye before cutting and drilling the panels. The next issue is dye does not penetrate very deeply so you cannot sand after dying. Any tool marks on the wood from cutting, drilling, wiring and just handling cannot be sanded off without removing color. So the best method is to dye and epoxy seal coat the wood before doing anything.

Dyes also bleed when applied so it is difficult to change colors mid-panel. Some guys have scribed lines with knife and dyed to the cut line with success.

I have used dye on two boats and decided it is not worth the trouble.

In Response to: Stains and dyes by James Eager on Feb 2, 2006