Re: Sleepless in the work

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Feb 3, 2006

Change the angle of your seat so that the front edge is a little lower. Also, line the seat with at least one inch of closed-cell foam for increased cushioning. With that much foam, your tail bone will never come in contact with the hardness of your seat. Adjust your foot pegs so that your knees are slightly bent and while you are paddling, take your feet off the pegs in calm waters and move them around to keep the blood flowing to your toes. Occasionally adjust your bum position to that at times you are slouching a little, then go back to a more rigid upright position. This changes the muscle group that takes the strain during paddling and dramatically increases your comfort level. Finally, take a Guinness along for the ride, get out after a couple of hours to enjoy it while you rest, then after a half hour, get back in a paddle easier. Calm water only. Hope this helps.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Re: Sleepless in the work by rod H on Feb 1, 2006