Re: Sleepless in the work

Posted by rod H on Feb 1, 2006

I've experianced some similar problems w/paddling but my problem is with my legs. After a couple hours of paddling I get out of my CH17 and my legs act as though they would buckle backward. They are not really asleep but almost uncontrollable. I injured my back while snowtubing about 17 years ago and my back has never recovered. I have done some modifications on my boat, such as cutting the ply out in my cockpit to match the cockpit rim, and rpunded the inside of the cockpit where my knees hit. I have yet to give her a test run.

A pharmacist friend thought that doing stretches for the old hamstrings might help. I've done some but not just prior to a paddle.

Any suggestions? I sure hate the thoughts of giving up my Yak anytime soon.

Thanks, Rod

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