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Posted by James Eager on Feb 1, 2006

The following is not intened to be an indorcement or whatever but I thought I would share my back pain story with you guys as it seems there are a number of us.

I went through a period where I could not sit in a chair with out pain extending from my lower back to my toes. The pain grew worse over a period of several months. The MD I went to gave me pills (muscle relaxer and anti-inflamitory) though the muscle relaxors helped me sleep niether treatment made me better. I finally went to a Naturopath. I only went beacuse the nurse at the MD's office mentioned that her husband had had some success with a chiropractor. The Naturopath treated me with shiatsu, acupuncture and ultrasound. And showed me how to stretch... It was a little scary having somebody twist me up and crack my back... three treatments later I was almost 100%. Three years later the pain has not returned. I do yoga stretches that the ND showed me from time to time and paddling definietely helps keep things in shape. People tell me 'oh that kind of medicine is not scientific yada yada yada...". Well, I am a scientist and I know it worked for me in this instance and I would always consider returning and giving it a shot prior something drastic like surgery.

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