Re: S&G Wire Cutter

Posted by Mac on Feb 1, 2006


Thank's for the tip! (Everyrhing I think up as original - isn't. Dang!)

Time for me to head over to Pierre Trudeau International Airport here and get myself arrested rummnaging through the mechanics' benches looking for said pliers.

My neighbour is retired from just such a job, and I'll bet he can hook me up with less risk to my freedom.

I'll let you know when and if I get my hands on some.

Meanwhile, I'm wiring in bulkheads. Now THERE'S a ton o stitching fun! I'm gonna borrow Chris' miners hat (or drive to the cottage to retrieve my head lamp). Nobody told me a prerequisite to multichine building was to be double jointed!

Have a great day everyone!


In Response to: Re: S&G Wire Cutter by Jim S on Jan 31, 2006