Bad Backs and Kayaking

Posted by Mike on Jan 31, 2006

I herniated a disc in my back the weekend that I started building my first kayak. I am not a doctor, I am just letting you know my experience. I have found that kayaking helps because it strengthens the abdominal muscles. The gentle rotation also seems to help. My back usually feels better after kayaking. My back has problems when I am less active, when I read in bed, or sit in a recliner and watch TV. Activity is good for my back. The big problem to watch out for is lifting heavy kayaks, I have had problems from that. Now I try hard to keep my kayaks under 40 pounds. It is a very achievable goal, as long as I am careful in the application of epoxy.

In Response to: Sleepless in the workshop by Chris J. on Jan 31, 2006