Re: Fiberglass scraps

Posted by CLC on Jan 31, 2006

Nice, clean 'glass work, Peter. Thanks for sharing that.

What to 'glass extra.... I used to fiberglass rudder blades and daggerboards and it definitely makes those parts more durable. You should do the whole blade, however, not just the leading edges. The way to 'glass a rudder or daggerboard is to stand the blade on its trailing edge and drape the 'glass over the leading edge. (A temporary clamp or fixture can hold the blade in that orientation while you do the epoxy work.)

Aside from that, it wouldn't hurt to 'glass the transoms. They get dinged up over years of hard usage. Ideally the 'glass would wrap around onto the sides, but that'd be fussy to pull off and you'd have to round over the corners of the transom a lot to get the 'glass to do it.

OR---and this is my favorite---sheath the inside surfaces of the daggerboard trunk with fiberglass. (Before you assemble it, of course.) It'll be as dark and wet as the inside of a cow in there, for all eternity, and better to have it lined with 'glass, I say.

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