Fiberglass scraps

Posted by Peter on Jan 31, 2006

After glassing the bottom of my Passagemaker, I was left with some nice clean glass cloth scraps that I am reluctant to merely discard. The thought occurred to me that they could be used to reinforce some parts of the boat. I specifically was wondering if it would be feasible or even worthwhile to, say, lay a strip of glass on the leading and bottom edge of the daggerboard and/or rudder blade to protect them from grounding damage. I haven't sat down to see if the added thickness from this would cause a clearance problem in the daggerboard trunk, and I don't know how difficult it would be to fair (fare?) the glass into the rest of the daggerboard to get a smooth, hydrodynamic shape. Any thoughts? Or should I just throw the scraps away?

Wooden Boat Sailor