shop cam boats

Posted by LeeG on Jan 30, 2006

$.02 for the owners of the recently finished kayaks who have yet to cut out the aft hatches.

If you're not sure about where to start the aft hatch hole, 14"-16" from the aft bulkhead is a good distance.

If you put it closer than 13" it'll eliminate a lot of wider paddle blades for paddle float rigging. Figure one deck rigging screw is 3"-4" behind the bulkhead (so bungies and blade don't interfere with coaming and sprayskirt bungie)and the next rigging screw is 2" forward of the hole (to clear overhanging hatch, flush can be 1" closer).

For a 14" distance that'll give you a comfortable spacing for an 8" blade.

Look around at production kayaks,,even those without day hatches put the aft hatch back back farther than 14".