Re: So many kits ...

Posted by craig on Jan 29, 2006

I think an S&G will be much easier for a first boat. I will endorse no one, because I believe that the beauty of a boat is in how it fits you. I have been kayaking for almost 5 years and am on my fifth one. If you have the time check out as many different boats as you can, then pick one that is a comfortable fit, but feels kind of sensitive. If you build one that feels too good on the first sit, you will be bored with it within six months. I would love to check out a waters dancing kayak, but I haven't seen one in Fla. Both CLC and Pygmy are quality kits, the biggest diffenece are the sheer clamps. CLC boats are a little bit more work, but the support is worth the effort.Look at the builders club and see if you can hook up with anyone in your neighborhood to check out their boats. Also, if you are a daytripper, I would look into the Pax 18

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