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Posted by James Eager on Jan 29, 2006

35 mph winds...yeeks. I dont think even the biggest of rudders is going to help do anything but keep you going down wind...but I will put my 2 pennies in for the folks at clc. I built my first boat last year and am very pleased with the reult. Anytime I needed answers to questions or encouragement clc and the folks on this forum were great. I am now building a Shearwater and am very pleased with the kit...cant wait to get it wet. Strip boats are lovely but will require a bit more of the first time builder. The Pygmies are popular but I much prefer the cambered deck that clc uses...and the Shearwater can be built as a hybrid so you get the best of both world. Strip and S and G. No I dont work for CLC but I think I would like to...the 5 hour commute would a bit far though.

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