So many kits ...

Posted by Will I Am on Jan 29, 2006

Hi all, OK I currently own a plastic Necky Looksha IV and am planning to buy/build a kit in the next month, either strip or plywood. And there are SO MANY KITS to choose from! Everybody's kit is "Oh so fantastic" and everyone "Oh so loves them" but how to choose? I'm 6'1" size 11 shoe, inseam 33 (and for those of you who'll be sending me a tie to hang myself, neck size 15.5" but closer to 16") I've paddled mostly off the entire coast of South Carolina, but am now back across the street from NYC in NJ and want a lighter, faster,less weathercocking BUT still be able to have a rudder on it (and PLEASE, no one tell me "Oh this boat is soooooo good it doon't need a rudder in 35MPH side winds" ) Pygmy has some nice boats and that REDFISH site has some nice strip kits ... so how to cooose??? A sailor in confused seas, Will