Stolen Kayak - Recovered!

Posted by Joe Greenley on Jan 29, 2006

Well it took awhile, but Colin Crosby's stolen Spring Run has finally turned up. As it turns out, an individual, who I'll refer to as the "buyer", just coincidentally happened to be renting storage space at the same facility from which the kayak was stolen. The "buyer" stated that one day someone drove by his storage unit and asked him if he'd like to buy a kayak for $100 (the kayak was still in it's cover at this time). The exchange took place without the "buyer" ever once opening the cover to see exactly what he was purchasing (or so the story goes). About a year or so later our "buyer" decided that he doesn't have any use for it and asked his brother-in-law if he wants it. Well, the brother-in-law took one look at it, smelled fish, did a little research, and discovered that "Aquila II" was stolen. He promptly contacted me, whereupon I contacted Colin, who immediately contacted the Sheriff's Department, which is currently "looking into the situation". In summary, Colin's kayak is back home with it's rightful owner and once again plying the waters off the Texas coast - thanks to all who kept an eye out for this kayak! You've got be a fool to believe that you can steal a wooden kayak and never be noticed - don't ya think!

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