Re: five layers

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jan 29, 2006

This happened after one particularily grinding day of paddling over pan ice on the North Saskatchewan River. When I landed I rolled the VJ over to bang the ice off the hull and noticed that the glass strips were gone along with the wood underneath. Since then I have installed an ash rubstrip astern and a brass strip along the first four feet of the bow. I have no issues with a chewed up keel regardless of what I do with the VJ now. That includes a test ramming over very sharp shale rocks at Maligne Lake near Jasper, Alberta. I was also testing the graphite/cabosil/epoxy coating that I had applied to the hull recently - it held up beautifully, sustaining only light scratches on the surface but no gouges (as I expected) into the wood.

Robert N Pruden

PS: My next hope for a stronger hull is titanium plating, if and only if the graphite/cabosil coating fails me.

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