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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jan 28, 2006

I have found through excellent practical experience that filling the sharpest edges of the keel with at least one inch of epoxy - about one foot length below the top eight inches of bow/stern - and tapering it off to nothing as the keel flattens out, provides excellent structural integrity for the keep during those rough landings. I have had my keep ground through 5 layers of glass strip and the wood right down to that epoxy fill. Without that fill, I'd would have been wallowing while my bow was sinking. The fill stopped the grinding action dead. As John at CLC says, minimizing fillets does affect the structural integrity of your boat so make certain you know where you will be paddling and what you will be doing with your boat. FYI

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Re: Fillet Strength by CLC on Jan 27, 2006