East Coast stories needed

Posted by Adam Bolonsky on Jan 28, 2006

WaveLength's second east coast edition is gearing up for publication this April/May.

If you have a story roughly 1,200 words long to tell, and high resolution photos, send your story to me adam@wavelengthmagazine.com.

You will get paid, typically about enough $ to buy a week's groceries for a family of five.

The issue's focus is Safety Scenarios. Stories should have an East Coast focus, locus anywhere between the Canadian Maritimes and Florida.

What we need are stories that tell a narrative story and which have safety issues implicit within them. Say you set out one afternoon for a day paddle and a safety problem arose. Describe what happened for good or bad, what you did, and how it all planned out.

Or, conversely, tell a story about a trip, day or multi-, in which your safety preplanning - or lack thereof - made the trip either a disaster, cakewalk, or thrill.

Deadline for copy is mid-February.

For a copy of the mag's writers guidelines, go to wavelengthmagazine.com