Varnish decisions

Posted by Patrick Forrester on Jan 27, 2006

Last June I finished my wr18 just in time for most of the season. I only put 2 coats of Interlux Schooner Varninsh on it. Paddling is more important than finsish a boat when next winter works. Next winter is here, and I am going to put on 1 more coat. I guess I will do a coat each year until I get up to 5 coats. The Inerlux Schooner Varnish looks great. The problem is it shows every little scratch. I use my boat for paddling 1st, show 2nd. Anyway now the bottom is trashed, and the top could look better. I noticed my friend used systemthree spar urethane, and it does not show all the marks. Its finish does not look as good as the interlux, but after use it does not show all the marks. I was considering putting systemthree on the bottom, and interlux on the top. I can have the impressive finish on top, and the durable finish on the bottom. Does anybody have any opinions on this ?


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