Re: lightweight safety

Posted by Mike on Jan 27, 2006

I agree with you on full deck rigging, bulkheads, watertight hatches, a sound hull and a partner or two. I just feel that you need to fully evaluate the strength weight and practicality of the hardware options that you choose to incorporate. As an example, I prefer a bulkhead footbrace for all of these reasons, it is lighter, stronger, and more comfortable. If a lot of different people will be paddling the kayak, then you have to be more creative to get the bulkhead footbrace to be adjustable.

I am a serious paddler who also has a 24 pound SOF as my lightweight kayak. I also have a homebuilt 27 pound high performance folding kayak for travelling. I have built 9 kayaks so far, and have a few more in the making. I paddle all sorts of conditions, and take safety very seriously. I believe that skiils are very important too, and don't paddle when I feel it is beyond my (or paddling partner's) skill, fitness, and equipment level. I am one of the founders of the South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayak Symposium (SSTIKS), and got involved to help others get the skills training needed to help them be better paddlers.


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