Re: Building light

Posted by Dave Houser on Jan 27, 2006

I sort of agree with Mike. For the recreational paddler a few pounds extra on a kayak in the water really is not noticeable. Just the paddler and kayak together will be 200 plus so what is 10 more pounds? However, when lifting a kayak by yourself overhead loading it onto a SUV in the wind there is a practical limit and 75 pounds would be a killer. I know I am also in the slipped disc club.

We must however not sacrifice safety if paddling in conditions that require commitment. I feel open ocean paddling requires full deck rigging, bulkheads, watertight hatches, a sound hull and a partner or two (that can help lift a kayak onto a car). That said, if having a light kayak makes the difference in going paddling then there is nothing lighter than a skin-on-frame just do not forget the floatation bags.

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