Boat names revisited...

Posted by Petewp on Jan 27, 2006


I like Stephen Hawking, a good sailboat name would be "Event Horizons" Ive often mused. This past summer I saw a name I liked on a boat - "Exit Strategy" - that was cool. Joshua Slochom had a boat called the SPRAY...really anything ending with "SPRAY" sounds good... "Summer Spray" or "Azure Spray" or "Tight Thong way up in the Spray", you get my drift.

I think kids come up with some great names for things... Im doing an oil painting, coral reef, and my daughter walks in "Hey Daddy, you ought to call that "Coral Bridge" - how fitting for exactly what it is. Tho I might add something like "Dolphins at Coral Bri... you know.

Stay away from trendy corporate genrated names like "outta the box" - which "oughta be sunk".

"Fridays Tide" is cool... especially if you took the day off from work on wednesday to sail it :)

Just some thoughts.

Pete :)