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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 25, 2006

We're seeing the same thing being said in many different ways here, aren't we? To boil it down into a single phrase: minimize the use of epoxy to save weight.

I do nothing extravagant to keep my boats light, just minimize hardware and use of epoxy. But the results are where it's really at, so here's a list of my last three boats:

Cormorant 16 Hybrid, 16' x 22": 35 lbs

Guillemot stripper, 17' x 21": 36 lbs

Outer Island stripper, 18' x 20": 36 lbs

Besides being heavy, epoxy is expensive! So there's TWO good reasons to use a squeegee religiously. And forget those blasted end pours that cause so many problems!! Use plugs of cedar shaped to fit into the ends instead. It's cheaper, lighter, and just as strong.

Use your judgement when building. For instance, down here on the Texas Gulf Coast there's no such things as rocks, so light layups work just dandy. As LeeG mentions, you do not need 12" of adjustment on foot braces, do you? Cut 'em down! Stacked plywood is great (well, not really), but there are certainly lighter methods of building a coaming.

Cheers, Kurt

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