Re: Marine Plywood 101

Posted by Mark Camp on Jan 23, 2006

Just for my education: is there any mention of A/B grades for face veneers within the BS1088 standard?

I have read a lot of extracts of the standard and have never heard of this being part of it.

Flame on: If someone markets wood as BS1088, and adds his own grading for the face veneers, he has to make sure that even the "B" side meets BS1088. In that case, I have no problem with it.

If he thinks he can legally or ethically claim it's BS1088, when the B side isn't...he is wrong.

There are disreputable vendors out there, I'm sure, but that doesn't mean we should give up on the standard. As customers we have an obligation to actively protest unethical or sloppy marketing.

That is the only way the standard will survive, the only way we customers, and the good vendors will have the huge benefits it provides, and the only way to "keep the honest honest"--if those who are tempted to cheat come to realize their customers WILL NOTICE if they do.

Flame off ;->

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