It's not tricky

Posted by LeeG on Jan 20, 2006

Just because there's some instruction involved doesn't mean it's not worth doing. Look at this drawing:

When the edges meet corner to corner you have to fill the outside or have fillet compensate on the inside for the rounded edge. Sure with 9oz tape on the inside and 6oz glass on the outside the joint is very strong, but if there's no fillet there and the outside is rounded there's more of a hinge than a cored laminate joint. If you wanted the lightest construction you might use 4oz on the outside, tapered edges, 4oz on the inside and no tape. In other words you can save effort and not bevel,,compensating with filling goop and overbuilt construction,but if you were going for light you'd have the joint construction be a continuation of the same adjoining laminate,,glass over wood core. It's not hard to bevel, and it doesn't have to be perfect, but the idea is like making a scarf joint instead of a butt joint so that less goop/glass is necessary to bridge the two adjacent panels for the same strength/utility.

In Response to: Re: CLC no bevel ok? by James Eager on Jan 19, 2006