Dust & Varnish

Posted by Chuck on Nov 21, 2005

Just finished applying my 3rd coat of varnish but still battling with dust. Saturday spent cleaning out garage, sweeping, vacuming, and mopping the floor. I kept the garage doors closed all day and night. I considered varnishing outside as conditions were about 65 degrees, sunny and no wind, but with all the neighbors busy raking, blowing leaves around, mowing lawns and such, decided against it. So I dilegently applied my varnish but could see the dust starting to settle out into it as I applied it. I realize that you will never be able to keep all the dust out but just wondering if there might be some other tricks to reduce the amount of dust in the air. Perhaps I should set up a plastic tent around and over the kayak. I am considering building a temporary frame so I can drape the plastic around it and leave only a couple feet above the yak as well as close off the ends too. Anyone tried this? Any other tips out there?



Chesapeake, VA