More Breeding Kayaks

Posted by Aurel on Nov 17, 2005

I'm considering modifying a Chesapeak 17 into something basically resembling a Shearwater Eider. I have plans for the Chesapeak so I was thinking I would use the same bottom panels, add 1"or 2" to the shear panel height (increasing the beam to near 26" like the Eider) and move the bulkheads out towards the ends aproximately 1'or a 1 1/2'(sized to fit). This would give me close to a 7 1/2' to 8'open cockpit (I would use carlins for the side decks) which I would trim just like the Eider. I'd also add a small transom in the stern like the Chesapeak 14 for added volume aft to help make up for the shorter LOA. Configured this way the boats would have close to the same dimensions. I'm hoping to end up with a faster "sportier" version of the Millcreek 16.5 my wife and I (and possibly our 2 year old) could enjoy on day trips on calm local lakes. How do you experts in the peanut gallery figure this would work out? I'm not that experienced with these things so I bow to your collective knowledge/better judgement. I'm cheap and don't want to invest in more plans but safety for the family is of course paramount.

Shearwater Eider Double