Re: Kayak Storage Outdoor

Posted by LeeG on Nov 14, 2005

I would store the kayak on the shaded side of the house or otherwise put up some kind of aesthetically appropriate shade. If you can't then having a lightly painted hull, turned upside down, with hatches off is all you need. It'll be perfectly fine. If you store it in direct sunlight with a varnished hull the epoxy will degrade where varnished is worn off. And once that happens you really can't "un-degrade" it. Safe to say with regular use the varnish will be scratched off in various places. In hot direct southern sun you'll have real damage to the epoxy that will affect it's appearance after 6months, I'm not sure about strength/durability. So with a varnished hull I'd put on five coats and re-coat it with two coats every other year but whereever there's no varnish,,you'll get white/degraded epoxy after awhile. So if you've got a couple year old varnished hull with no varnish in strips along the keel line and you go to revarnish it next year there will be a distinct color difference, if you go longer the exposed areas of epoxy will be noticable whitened and there's nothing that will change that. Go to this website and click on epoxy test then look at the exposed test panels,,

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